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The competitiveness of any economy depends on how efficiently all the resources in the process of production are utilized, efficiently marketed and hence the entire chain of production and marketing has to be efficient. Many of the items produced in the small-scale sector are becoming redundant because of the change in tastes, preferences, and also due to emergence of New Technology. Food Processing has an important role to play in linking Indian agriculture to consumers in the domestic and international markets. The agriculture sector in India contributes one fourth of the country’s GDP and provides employment to approximately two third of the population. However, its potential has not been tapped due to under development of the Food Processing Sector.
This improvement can come through the use of latest technology in business. Hence, the need for change in technology is more relevant for SMEs than large units. As a result, all over the world, large companies have been withdrawing from direct manufacturing activities and concentrating more on marketing, technology creation, diffusion and networking in manufacturing related activities. Thus, in the new environment, the competitiveness of large firms greatly depends on the efficiency of small firms. Whereas, it should be up-to-date, at the same time it must be able to meet the needs of both traditional and new product lines in FPI sector.
NIFTEM would set up a food incubation centre within its campus which would facilitate in house continuous experiential learning for motivating students to undertake establishment of start-up ventures with faculty mentoring. The effort will also help to convert NIFTEM generated technologies into commercialized products. The entrepreneurship development courses will be driven by competitive experiential learning such as participation in business plan development, presentation of business plan in Global Business Plan competitions and interaction with mentor groups who will guide students in emerging enterprise development opportunities.

Pilot Plants

NIFTEM has the aim to design and develop five Pilot Plants in its own campus that will bridge the gap between bench-scale chemistry and commercial manufacturing. Our unique project execution methodology and purpose-built, integrated design-build facilities supply pilot plants will enable the scale-up and development of innovative process technology. We promise to provide specific equipment, control to instrumentation solutions across a wide variety of industries, customizing each pilot plant to deliver the necessary research results.

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