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International Collaboration

Collaboration with Global Institutions

Forging alliance with premier global institutes has formed a crucial part of NIFTEM’s work culture. The objective is to bring best-of-the breed technology and expertise into the country through successful alliances and collaborate with renowned institutes in the global food industry to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology. As part of its endeavor to bring in global methodology and expertise into Indian food processing industries, NIFTEM and Wageningen University, the Netherlands has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2011 to collaborate in the fields of human resource development, applied research and industry oriented innovation. Wageningen University, the Netherlands, a global leader in food science education, will provide strategic support to NIFTEM by offering it research, conducting education programmes in the areas of food science and supporting enterprise development.

As the institute grows, NIFTEM will reach out to some of the world’s best agencies to foster collaborative partnerships. The departments of teaching and research at NIFTEM will also benefit from long-term association with prominent international institutions through student and faculty exchange programmes and joint research initiatives.

Probable areas of collaboration between NIFTEM and Global institutions are:

  1. Course design and faculty exchange.
  2. R&D in various sub-segments.
  3. Business incubation.
  4. Developing food quality and safety standards and evolving testing protocols.
  5. Consumer research and information sharing.
  6. Developing and strengthening research programmes (fundamental and applied) and their linkages with industry and end-consumers.
  7. To have faculty and students exchange programmes in the matterof teaching and research initiatives.

Memorandum of Understanding signed with Wageningen University the Netherlands, Kansas State University (KSU, Manhatten, U.S.A. and University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), U.S.A. for faculty/student exchange programmes and for research. 1st batch of 18 meritorious students of B.Tech. and M.Tech. led by 3 faculty members sent to UNL, KSU, USA & University of Saskatchewan, Canada for 1 week/3 weeks study visit during July-August, 2013. In the year 2014, the faculty and students will again be sent to these universities during vacations.

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