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Academic Council

The composition of present academic council is as below:

Present Academic Council
S. No.  Name  Designation Position
1.  Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa  Vice - Chancellor, NIFTEM Chairperson
2.  Dr. D.P. Biradar  Vice - Chancellor, UAS Dharwad Member
3.  Dr. R.K. Sharma  Director DFRL, Mysore Member
4.  Dr. R.K. Gupta  Director ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana Member
5.  Dr. G. Venkateshwarlu  ADG, Education department, Delhi Member
6.  Prof. D.N. Kulkarni  President, Jain Irrigation Systems  Ltd.  Member
7.  Dr. T.S.R. Murali  Director, R&D Head, Mother Dairy Member
8.  Prof. Manjeet Aggarwal  Professor & Dean (R), NIFTEM Member
9.  Prof. M.P. Sahu  Professor & HoD(AES), NIFTEM Member
10.  Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay  HoD FST and Dean (A), NIFTEM Member
11.  Dr. Vijendra Mishra  Associate Professor & D(SW), NIFTEM Member
12.  Dr. P. K. Nema  Associate Professor, NIFTEM Member
13.  Dr. Sanjay Bhayana  HoD (FBM), NIFTEM Member
14.  Dr. Vikas Saxena  Associate Professor & COE, NIFTEM Member
15.  Dr. Kalyan Das
 Associate Professor, NIFTEM Member
16.  Dr. Neela Emanuel  Associate Professor, NIFTEM Member
17.  Dr. Chakkarvarthy Sarvanan
 Assistant Professor, NIFTEM Member
18.  Dr. Tripti Aggarwal  Assistant Professor, NIFTEM Member
19.  Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya  Assistant Professor, NIFTEM  Member
20.  Dr. J. S. Rana
 Registrar, NIFTEM  Member



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